Italians and Cocktails \\\ 4.28.19

Italians and Cocktails \\\ 4.28.19


DATE: April 28 , 2019

TIME: 6P - 8P


No one speaks the language of love better than the Italians, and there are few things the Italians love more than amaro! Come join us for an intimate exploration of the art and craft of Italian bitter liqueurs. 

We will taste through some of the most celebrated and complex amari the old country has to offer, and explore how these mysterious elixirs can add complexity and allure to your favorite cocktails!

*You must be 21 years old with valid identification to attend this class. You do not need a printed copy of your ticket, reservations are under the name of the person who purchased the ticket. You may gift your tickets, but please make sure the attending party knows the name of the person who purchased the tickets. We do not permit add-ons, walk-ins, or others to wait in the bar. There is a no-refund policy in effect 72 hours before the start of the class.

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