300 Pound block

Bay City’s long history of supplying Michigan’s thriving ice industry is the spirited base for our ice program at The Public House. Historically, the conditions through which commercial ice was harvested meant bartenders worked with ice that was firm and frigid, with little of the dissolved air or impurities that shorten the lifespan of the ice, making it able to last through the summer. 

In contrast, much of today’s machine-made ice is lighter and relatively warmer, allowing it to melt quickly and rendering drinks watery and insipid.


2 x 2 cube

Through the investment in several specialty ice machines, patrons will experience the outstanding quality that proper ice can bring to a drink. Our speciality ice machines cultivate solid and crystal clear 300-pound slabs we then carve by hand, pebble ice machine that produce extra soft and chewable ice, and another that produces perfect 1.25 inch square cubes. 

As with diamonds, cocktail ice is judged by its clarity, density, size and cut, which all add to the quality of the experience. As water freezes, air bubbles are trapped and dispersed inside the frozen mass creating a cloudy experience and ice that melts quickly. 

By slowing down the freezing process, a “lake” effect sets in as air bubbles rise out of the top or sides, resulting in crystal-clear and dense ice which is harder and colder than your typical ice cube. When you’re enjoying a cocktail, this is the ice you want. Properly formed ice is a key component of the perfect cocktail.


packed & ready to go

“Cocktail Cubes To Go” Just in time for the holiday season, we have pre cut clear cocktail cubes for your next holiday get together! This also makes a great gift for your cocktail enthusiast! 12 perfectly cut, 2x2 clear cubes. Purchase online and pick them up at "The Public House"