The Inspiration | The Modern Public House

Local pubs and bars have deep roots in Bay City and throughout history (the English word tavern dates back to the Romans), so entering such an establishment is to commune with our ancestors of the past. 


Pubs have always been considered “public houses”, open to all generations and ages and the best ones provide an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a large family gathering. Inside you will find many generations: grandparents with stories of the past, lively youth, opinionated fathers discussing concerns of the day, lithe women celebrating and likely the great grandmother with panache and flair.


They are the local spots that feel like home situated around community. The place that remembers your “usual” and the place where time slows down to enjoy what matters most. Just as the process of fermentation takes time, the best way to enjoy a night with friends is to let a few hours pass happily and without remorse.


Thus, the Public House was born out of the notion that imbibing brings us together in the most special of ways, to celebrate, to lean on the shoulder of a friend, to converse and to learn from one another. True to form, owner Lyndsay met the love of her life at Harless + Hugh Coffee through the conversations and experiences that played out at the coffee shop. Whatever the reason, these moments which people share, imbibe, and connect go on to create a fabric that binds a community together at the rail. Come join us and share your tale at the rail with #talesattherail.


Lyndsay Edmonds